Linear Equations (SLE) Lite APK

Detailled solution of Systems of Linear Equations,Gauss,equalization,offline

Version2.10 (34)
UpdatedJul 20, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperCavo RIH
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This math-tool demostrates several solution methods for Systems of Linear Equations (SLE) very detailled.
Please check the full version for more methods.

Offline: After installing the full version, no need for internet connection.

This tool teachs you how to solve the Systems of Linear Equations by using of the supported solving methods.
The user/student can enter his own Systems of Linear Equationsor can generate Systems of Linear Equations by the integrated automatic generator engine randomly. Each Systems of Linear Equations can be solved (very detailled) with one of this solving ways ın the full versıon. This lite version supports only two:
The method of equalization, the addition method, the subtraction method, the Gaussian method, the substitution method, Cramer's rule.
This tool support Systems of Linear Equations up to 6 equations and 6 variables.
The student can print the solved Systems of Linear Equations to a pdf document only in full version. Only supported for Android version 19 and newer, Kitkat, (4.4).
The tool shows step by step how to approach the solution of the Systems of Linear Equations.
For each step, you can get additional explanition to that certain step.
The student can see the whole solution very quick or step by step to calculate the next steps in previous.
It is not neccessary to have an internet connection and there are no disturbing advertisements/banner.
This tool works on all Android versions 11 (3.0) and higher.
I wish you success!

Email: rih.technologysolutions@gmail.com

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