Linearibus - Matrix calculator APK

Linear algebra. Matrix calculator. Matrices, determinants, inverse

VersionFoxtrot.Alfa.Alfa (12)
UpdatedJul 02, 2020 (1 month ago)
CategoryApps, Education

Through this application you can perform operations with matrices, solve systems of linear equations, Ax = B, using the methods of Cramer, inverse by Adj-Det, Gauss and Gauss-Jordan.

You can also perform the following calculations:

- Range
- Trace
- Transposed
- Determinant
- Reverse matrix by the Gauss-Jordan method
- Inverse matrix by the Adj-Det method
- Matrix of cofactors
- Adjoint matrix
- Addition, subtraction, product and division between matrices
- Scale by matrix

Linearibus has a work area of 12 matrices identified with letters from A to L. Keep in mind that matrices A and B will be free to use, while matrices C to L will be paid. You can also make free use of matrices whose dimensions are less than 7. Greater dimensions will also be paid.

Email: linearibus@kedamp.com

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