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Auto app opener [WARNING: This app may change in compatibility when apps update]

Version1.4 (14)
UpdatedDec 27, 2013 (7 years ago)
DeveloperAndreas Rudolph
CategoryApps, Productivity

[WARNING: This app may change in compatibility when the apps you use, update how they play links themselves. This app can make apps open links as an alarm clock]

LinkAlarm is the unique and all-purpose alarm clock for your phone!

Open links or files by setting alarms, combine them in your own playlists and use the apps on your phone in new creative ways. Use "Share" in your apps to add new content quickly.

LinkAlarm uses the apps on your phone to play links or files. It also comes with the unique YouTube Quickplay feature, that allows you better control over volume, screen-orientation and LinkAlarm-playlists.

The app is a file player and a link player, but it uses the dedicated apps on your phone to open those links. It can work as an app launcher, a youtube alarm clock, a spotify alarm clock, a local music alarm clock, a soundcloud alarmclock , an image slideshow and map/directions alarm. It comes with playlists, snooze feature, countdown timer, and recurring alarms.

Supports (depending on version and ONLY if the apps are installed! Add tracks by using "Share" from the apps -> "Add to LinkAlarm"):

- Youtube
- Spotify
- SoundCloud
- Local music tracks
- Basically everything you have an app for, that's the idea

Use LinkAlarm as an alarmclock, reminder-tool and content-manager, flexibility is by design. Mix and match the different links as you like.

Start the day your way - World Wide Wakeup!



*If no music/sound has been playing at all for 30 seconds after an alarm, and your connection is working, the app will try its 'fallback' song. Remember to set this track on important alarms.
This way you don't have to worry about YouTube, Spotify or SoundCloud not working when you're sleeping.

* If you are using the native YouTube app, Stop automatic screen shutdown when charging, in settings. Or set longer time for screen timeout. Spotify will work with the screen turned off, but not YouTube.

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What's New

- Trial extended to 5 days
- In the integrated YouTube Quickplayer, videos with ads would never autoplay. If this happens, and the autoplay doesn't fire, LinkAlarm will try another item in your track-list until something fires.
- Remember to use the "Share" feature from INSIDE any app you want to play content from (YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc).
- Also, please remember that Spotify playlists aren't autoplayed, only individual tracks (use the "share" feature by long-clicking on a track).

Email: onemanmobile+linkalarm@gmail.com

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