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May 2, 2023
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Come and try this app management with your partners! Whether cleaning up junk or setting up a list, the task in Liteapks can be endless. Pick up your app to do it!

Users like the functions with better user experience for apps and games, and just simple one click to use. Liteapks allows you to become a small manager for happy mod and have happy experiences to download mods. Part of this happy app, you can download the fun and easy-to-use app management from this main function.

• Simple tools
• More languages to choose in app
• Beautiful UI design for mod lover
• Designed for the happy mod user to easy control their apps and games
• Recommended for users who need a helper
• You can explore the fun without any interruption!

Our happy mod design and development team of Liteapks is committed to making "user like, user trust" apps and games. We are good at stimulating people's inherent excitement and curiosity, and cultivating their creativity. Our happy MOD application is not only simple, but also healthy and sunny. It's still fun. Many users trust us and download famous apps and games.

New version for Liteapks:
Fixed possible crash caused by application;
Fixed some models cannot be used for the problem list;
Fixed a problem with no list showed to download and test the mods.
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