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Mar 25, 2024
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Litely: Fasting Plan & Tracker APP

No diet, no gym and no yo-yo effect!
Want to reach your weight loss goal, get fit and have a healthy lifestyle without starvation? Litely fasting tracker is here to help you.

The Litely App provides easy-to-use intermittent fasting tracker and personalized plans, as well as a daily guide to food recipes, water intake, and exercises through a 24/7 AI coach. With our fasting tracker, you'll never feel so easy to lose weight and stay health.

Litely Intermittent Fasting App
✔ 24/7 AI coach - Get instant support and customized guidance, anytime, anywhere.
✔ Personalized fasting plans - Smarter fasting plans with better results, a plan tailored to you. No matter you are a beginner or an advanced.
✔ Easy-to-use fasting tracker & reminder - Stick to your schedule and weight loss goals effortlessly.
✔ Nutritious diet plans & food recipes - Generate eating plans for your fast and offer recipes to help you make an intermittent fasting meal plan.
✔ Science-based tips - Find fasting guidance no matter what diet you follow, from vegan, or keto to low carb.

Is it effective?
It's proven that IF leads sustainable weight loss. When you do fasting, your stubborn body fat burns efficiently by entering a fat-burning state called ketosis while providing you with increased energy. This means you'll have the vitality to enjoy your activities while reaching your weight loss goal!

Is it healthy?
Yes. Intermittent fasting is a natural and safe method for weight loss. Giving your body periodic breaks from continuous digestion allows vital organs to rest and promotes cellular regeneration, contributing to overall fitness, health and longevity.

Is the Litely Fasting Tracker suitable for me?
The Litely App provides various types of fasting diet plans for beginners and experienced men and women. Common plans include 16:8, 14:10, 5:2, OMAD (one meal a day) and water fasting.
If you choose the 16-hour fasting intervals, you will fast for 16 hours. Once in your eating window, you can enjoy your meals without the need for calorie counting, strict meal plans, or food trackers.
With our customized fasting plan you don't need to modify your diet or eliminate any food groups. Integrating intermittent fasting into your life is incredibly simple and effortless!

Why Intermittent Fasting?
✔ Accelerate weight loss
✔ Boost metabolism
✔ Slow down the aging process
✔ Feel healthier and more active
✔ Improve insulin sensitivity
✔ Improve body and brain function
✔ Natural weight loss for women and men
✔ Lose weight without diet and gym

Strat Intermittent Fasting with Litely App
✔ Easy-to-use Fasting Timer
✔ All-in-one weight loss tools
✔ Supportive Community
✔ Suitable for both beginners and experienced
✔ Suitable lifestyle change for men and women
✔ Build healthy relationship with foods
✔ No need to count calories intake
✔ Lose weight in an easier way versus yo-yo diets

Losing weight has never been easier - No Diet & No Gym!

Litely is a unique intermittent fasting app that offers you many free features while containing no ads. We are not only a fasting tracker or timer, it is also a professional intermittent fasting coach to guide your fasting intervals. You won't need to make drastic changes to your diet or eliminate specific food groups. Litely smoothly integrates into your lifestyle, making it easy to adopt and follow intermittent fasting practices.
Download Litely for free now!

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