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Little Coyote APK

The little coyote is another pretty simple game for beginners

The little coyote is another pretty simple game for beginners or those seeking a more casual game. the objective is to
direct your coyote along a path collecting gold coins on your travels to achieve the highest possible score. While making
your way along the path you'll encounter various obstacles that will either require you to jump over, jump onto to
avoid dying. As you make your way along the course you may be required to jump up onto boxes or other objects, even
attempt to cross a river via small floating blocks, its a game that requires steady fingers and good hand eye coordination
as two controls are required on several occasions. From time to time there will even be attacks from above, so watch out
for these and be careful not to get hit, speed is also a factor in the game, moving your coyote too quick or too slow will
result in his demise. Download now to enjoy the little coyote and test your skills against some tough opposition.

How to play tap green icon on screen to activate game, if you die select green icon once again to continue. There is only
three main controls, a left and right arrow and a jump arrow, pretty self explanatory. The only thing you need to know is
when jumping onto objects in front of you or behind; you are required to hit the jump key immediately followed by left or
right key or you wont go anywhere and could possibly run into trouble. best of luck and enjoy.


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