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The Live Earth Map, World Map & Satellite Navigation app is equipped with all the tools to offer live earth maps, driving directions, current location, and voice navigation through updated guide maps. GPS route finder app gets your GPS location and delivers real-time traffic information through a traffic map. Navigation, traffic information, speedometer, compass, GPS maps, and 2D route all are present on a single platform to give you the ease of finding anything that’s important. More than 100,000 download show that the GPS app works extraordinary for even unplanned traveling and road trips.

The reliable and easy-to-use Live Earth Map, World Map & Satellite Navigation ensures the easiest and shortest 2D driving routes with turn by turn voice navigation. Explore 360 view of the world’s famous landmarks/places, visit famous places using 3D earth map app. Enjoy the live satellite view, and plan your next holidays. The GPS navigation app featuring earth map HD allows users to fetch location data, street view live earth map 3D images with a zooming option to get a clearer image.

GPS Status
Have you ever waited to get an accurate GPS status? The wait is over now, get GPS live location status in no time with 100% accuracy. The Live Earth Map, World Map & Satellite Navigation app is designed to save your time and energy. The feature shows all the GPS status data regarding location position, latitude, longitude, altitude, H/V accuracy, satellite speed, signal strength, time, bearing, and H/VD OP.

Earth Map
Discover the world from above using free map app. The live maps app is not only a current mobile location finder app but also displays the GPS map address of the entered destination. Navigate easily by just entering the name of the location. Explore the 3D terrain through satellite imagery of the entire globe from above.

Let the Live Earth Map, World Map & Satellite Navigation plus GPS route finder to bring best and shortest driving routes for you. Speak the destination name and get driving directions from point A to B with step by step voice instructions on voice guide map. It not only delivers the direction route map of any area on the earth but also shows the real-time ETA (estimated time of arrival) with distance in kilometer. Plan road trips with simple GPS navigation map and GPS satellite map app. With world maps online navigation app you can enjoy route directions saving option. Save your routes to avoid hassle when planning a road trip on same routes again.

What else could be better than enjoy navigation using earth map 3D and GPS speedometer? Measure the speed of any vehicle using this feature. Live Earth Map, World Map & Satellite Navigation with GPS live earth view allows users to measure speed in Km/h, Mp/h with distance.

Live Earth Map, World Map & Satellite Navigation houses GPS compass with higher precision and accuracy. The free compass enables users to get latitude, longitude along with the current location info on earth map live.

Share Location
Let your loved ones know your GPS location through GPS live earth view map app. Share the location to make it easy for your clients, merchants and visitors to visit your business area using live satellite map of the world.

Famous Places
How many names of places are known to you? Visit the famous places from above through earth map HD. The live satellite 3D maps empower users to get a live satellite view and 3D street view of the places to plan next holiday trip. Get a satellite view of Alcatraz, Blue mosque, Burj-al-Arab, China wall, Christ the Redeemer, Eiffel tower, Forbidden city, Golden gate bridge, Great sphinx, London eye, Mount Everest, and Oriental pearl tower on latest GPS map.

Traffic Map
Nothing is more important than getting a traffic data before traveling. The traffic map app with GPS satellite map world map 3D ensures you don’t get stuck in traffic jams.
Get a live navigation map app to overcome the travel difficulties.

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