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LivOn SmartCare is the #1 telecare service in Korea.

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UpdatedApr 03, 2019 (1 year ago)
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[If you're using two IDs, you can use the second app to log in easily.]

LivOn SmartCare Service is Korea's first telecare service and we are doing our best for the safety of our parents and the relief of our children.

Through the monitoring using help trigger, motion and environmental detection sensor, we provide service to check whether elderly people are doing well in daily life and to contact the caregiver or 911 automatically in case of emergency. You can also view lifelog data from monitoring via Web / App.

This kind of systems are called telecare in the UK and called medical alerts in the United States.
Sophisticated medical alerts & telecare service. Korea No.1 LivOn SmartCare.

# Care Phone: Communicate with your children using shortcut keys / 911 Emergency Calls / Sensor data sending.
# Help trigger: Emergency call function by button action, it automatically triggers SMS message and PUSH message to caregiver.
# Activity Detector: Detects the amount of activity in living room, restroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc., and recognizes the emergency situation.
# Door Detector: To detect outings and send push alarms by installing in the front door and bathroom.
# 24-hours / 365-days care service: Monitoring activity of activity detector and environmental sensor to monitor whether eldery are doing well in daily life, to recognize emergency situation, and to provide follow-up action.

# Day care service every day: If you can not confirm your parents best wishes every day, your child will be informed about your parents' safety and health one day before at 10:00 AM.

# 911 Emergency Call Service: Press the help button on the Silver Care phone and you will be connected to 911 for assistance from rescue personnel. At the same time, your child will automatically receive the text.

# 24-hours / 365-days Emergency Call Service: In emergency situations, you can call the designated guardian automatically by pressing the help trigger button and request the rescue in case of an emergency.

# 100 minute free call service: 100 minutes a month free calls.

# Lifestyle Safety Service: Your child will be informed of your child's daily activities by letter weather forecast.

# 24-hours / 365-days activity analysis system: You can check your parent's activities analyzed by daily / weekly in bedrooms, restrooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc. by connecting them to the internet or smartphone.

Email: hidea@hidea.kr

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