Eskom load shedding status monitor and notifier (South Africa)


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Feb 20, 2024

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Load Shedding Notifier APP

The top rated load shedding app

This app monitors the current Eskom load shedding status and notifies you if the power is scheduled to go off in your area.

Please note:
This app includes schedules for ALL Eskom supplied areas (nationwide) and ALL known municipality supplied areas (nationwide) that publish load shedding schedules. If your municipality is not included, please send an email to to get it added.

Key features:
• Real-time Eskom load shedding status monitoring.
• Offset status for City of Cape Town customers.
• Power grid status monitoring.
• Early warning of scheduled load shedding in your areas.
• Multiple areas can be configured.
• Configure quiet times for each area.
• View load shedding schedules for your areas for the following month.
• Very low data usage.
• Configurable alerts.

Abisoft is in no way affiliated with or a representative of Eskom or any of the municipalities. All schedules and load shedding status updates are obtained from the Eskom website (

This app is provided free of charge, and Abisoft will not accept any liability for losses arising out of the information presented in this app.
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