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Loan EMI Calculator : Car, Home, SIP,Interest, GST APK

Home Loans, Car / Auto Loans, Personal Loans etc. with Easy EMI Calculator.

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Calculate Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) for any kind of loan including Home Loans, Car / Auto Loans, Personal Loans etc. with Easy EMI Calculator

The Loan Calculator helps you to calculate the EMI (Equated monthly Installment) of home Loan, Car Loan. It also shows loan repayment schedule with total interest paid and total principal amount paid at the end of every financial year.

EMI Calculator is a simple loan calculation tool that helps the user to quickly calculate EMI and view payment schedule. Use this app to calculate your EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment), plan your loan repayment in an effective way.

This smart and handy app is one stop solution to your financial calculation . You can easily calculate , track and get the information related to your financial investment .

It is important to remember that banks and financial institutions usually finance up to 80% of the cost for home and auto loans; the balance amount being the down payment to be borne by the borrower. Also, such loans are monthly compounded and repayable every month and therefore the term EMI or Equated monthly installments.

Computing EMI for different combinations of principal loan amount, interest rates and loan term by hand is time consuming, complex and error prone. This tool automates this calculation for you and gives you the result in a split second along with visual charts displaying payment schedule and the break-up of total payment.

Use this app to calculate your EMI (Equated Monthly Installment), plan your loan repayment in effective way.

=> Calculate, Compare, Create Loan Profile, Loan eligibility calculator, Interest Rate calculator, EMI date reminder

=> Calculate Tenure: Enter Principal Amount, EMI and Interest Rate (%) to find tenure of the loan.
=> Calculate Interest Rate: Enter Principal Amount, EMI and Tenure to find the interest rate (%).

=> Compare Loan: Loan comparison of various banks by entering Principal Amount, Rate of Interest (%) and Tenure
=> Loan Profile: You can save complete information of your loan like Loan Name, Bank Name, Loan Account Number, Date, 1st EMI Date, Processing Fees, etc. to track your loan.

Loan Calculator / EMI Calculator / Mortgage Calculator is designed with all the required information with easy and clean UI with provided all the required information and very handy application, all loan related informations on your fingertips. then don't wait and give a try with this application.

You can also calculate the Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) for Credit Card Payment, Home Loan, Personal Loan, Car Loan, Education loan etc. by entering the details like Amount, Rate of Interest (Monthly/ Quarterly/ Half Yearly/ Yearly) and Repayment tenure period in months / years.

This is a simple and light-weight application, which is useful for all loan/mortgage calculations.
1. Calculate the LOAN/MORTGAGE EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) for Home/Car/Personal/Any Loan.
3. Calculate the LOAN AFFORDABILITY based on the affordable EMI.
4. Compare up to 4 different set of LOAN values.
5. E-MAIL Feature: Loan Amortization Chart/Repayment Schedule can be emailed as an EXCEL file.


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