Locidoke APK

A somewhat simple personal geo tracking application.

VersionLocidokeV9.0 (9)
UpdatedMay 21, 2019 (1 year ago)
CategoryApps, Maps & Navigation

A small app-inventor app I created for uploading the devices current location to a web URL/API of your choosing using GET or POST (preferred) methods. Latest version includes both Driver and Watcher mode. Driver mode shows your current location while watcher mode pulls the location (you sent using Driver) from a Web URL/API. New Quick Status drop down available for easy update of key2 status key.
It was written specifically for phone but may add additional tablet scaling to future releases.

Every 30 (configurable) seconds Locidoke will send a simple POST or GET call to the "UP" URL in the config, including the lat/lon,time,status of your location using your network connection.
In watcher mode it will do the same thing, but instead retrieving the coordinates sent from the "DOWN" API URL and setting the location on the map based using that string. (Expects longitude,latitude,time,status comma delimited string)

A new PHP sample API is available at:

Data rates may apply. The app displays the response so a simple lat,long string will keep data rates down. Map images will add to data transferred.

Future Releases: (All of the X features have been added)
- Idle status if not moved in x seconds
- Custom map icons
- Tablet and possible Android Auto considerations
- Possible api hosting on 247coding.com (minimal fee)

Email: abitowhit@gmail.com

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