Horror games about escape room from scary teacher of your life


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May 17, 2022

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Locked-in Syndrome - hide and seek, survival games GAME

If you like horror games, adventure, escape, hide and seek, survival and other horror games - Locked-in Syndrome is the creepy game for you!

Solve puzzles and search, collect and use items to escape from this terrible place and scary monster.

Play hide and seek with your mind, what scares you the most? Scary games, scary stories, scary hospital, clown games about pennywise, scary teacher, butcher, granny? You must find a way to escape. Escape room of your head

Hello neighbor, it's me - the voice from your head, let's play hide and seek! Do you like to play scary games? A neighbor will arrange such games for you, just close your eyes and plunge into these scary stories about a mansion, a park and a hospital. How to get a neighbor out of your head? Complete the entire scary story in this horror game, solve all the puzzles. This is hide and seek online, where there is only you and the horror from your head. It will be an epic battle of wits and human torment, ghost detector!
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