LocoMotive - low cost digital train controller APK

App plus PCB (on eBay) control of model railway , DCC Command Station

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UpdatedFeb 05, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperBill Cuthbert
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This is the free version. For multi-function and 4 loco speed controls - see the full version -

The easiest ever self build of a DCC Command station with PCB available on eBay plus only a few parts.
eBay link:
The App formats each DCC packet for transmission via Bluetooth to Arduino Pro Mini connected to a h-bridge to form a simple DCC command station with few parts.

* Control of 1 to 20 locos
* Ideal for small to medium size layouts
* 2 Amps load drives up to 16 of OO/HO locomotives using H-bridge specified
* Add a higher current compatible h-bridge to extend load capacity
* Short circuit protected
* Automatic over current cut-out, adjustable in Arduino code
* Lights and direction
* Functions 1 to 8
* Turnout / points / accessories 8 pairs of outputs
* Custom naming of your locos
* Programming the CV1 loco address
* Add your own accessory addresses
* Change F2 and F3 from momentary to on/off switches
* Add max speed for each loco
* Choose a DC power source to suit scale used (Z/N/OO/HO/O/G) 12v to 20v
* Free software for Arduino - no restrictions on use or changes if required
* Learn from the code on how DCC commands are used
* Easy DIY circuit can be soldered on available 50 x 50 mm PCB (on sale on eBay.uk )
* App forms the DCC packets transmitted to Arduino circuit with 15 components
* Continuous DCC data flow from Android device to Arduino
* New Arduino sketch
* PCB available for purchase on eBay

Further to previous work on DCC wireless systems, I have developed a Bluetooth Command Station linked to a receiver Arduino based circuit with a HC-06 BT module and a LMD18200 H-bridge Motor driver delivering 2 Amps.

The overall cost of parts is around £20 with parts purchased from Ebay.
See Instructable:

What's New

improved loco iD layout

Email: billc@john-lewis.com

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