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Jan 6, 2022
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Loklok is an interesting community of movie and TV content lovers, where you can see translated subtitles provided by other fans. Anytime and anywhere.Watch video content in China, South Korea, Japan, Europe, the United States, Thailand and other regions. Subtitles in multiple languages can help you better understand video content in other regions.

At the same time, you can also learn languages of other countries through Loklok, which is very interesting. The communication of the protagonists in the film and television drama can help you deepen the feeling of language. When you really study it, you will find that this is a more interesting perspective, which can unearth many connotations and even cultural phenomena behind the plot.

In Loklok you will experience:

1.High-quality ad-free playback.
2. Download movies and TV shows to your mobile device and you can view subtitles offline
3.Viewing History: No need to worry about missing your favorite episodes.
4.Professional Recommendations: Short videos help you choose what you like in a short time
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