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Loopsie is a language learning tool that shows how sentences structures work

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedMay 24, 2015 (5 years ago)
DeveloperPoint Zero
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Loopsie is a smart learning tool that helps show how sentence structures work in another language.

It is unique in that it acts as a learning game, even being made in game development software. Loopsie uses tactile, visual and audio learning methods to address different types of learners. This modular style of learning has fun interactive features to understand how sentences are translated into another language.

The name ‘loopsie’ came from the simple action of looping circles together to create new connections and as a result form new understandings of learning.

Loopsie only lets you connect a phrase when the words are linked in the correct order.

To re-inforce what you are learning, the simple interface uses colored circles that match the colored words in the search bar. The words act as a visual cue and are individually highlighted as you press down on a circle.

To swap languages, you can tap the arrow in the search bar and loopsie starts the learning process over again in another language. The circles disconnect, leaving you to connect the dots. The colored words stay the same between each language, so it’s easier to pick up on what word you are translating.

As loopsie is still in development, it aims to feature tools later on that can help you create a wordbank and store phrases in an offline library for later use.

Please support out project on loopsie.org

Email: chris.mather@oneleggedcrab.com

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