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LORD SHIVA is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is the supreme God within Shaivism, one of the three most influential denominations in contemporary Hinduism.
Shiva is "the transformer" within the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that includes Brahma and Vishnu.In Shaivism tradition, Shiva is the Supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the universe.In the goddess tradition of Hinduism called Shaktism, the goddess is described as supreme, yet Shiva is revered along with Vishnu and Brahma. A goddess is stated to be the energy and creative power (Shakti) of each, with Parvati the equal complementary partner of Shiva. He is one of the five equivalent deities in Panchayatana puja of the Smarta tradition of Hinduism.
Downloads shiva wallpaper from our store page. We have the best collection of Shiva wallpaper high quality.Shiva is 'shakti' or power, Shiva is the destroyer, the most powerful god of the Hindu pantheon and one of the godheads in the Hindu trinity. known by many names Mahadeva, mahayogi, Lord Shiva is perhaps the most complex of Hindu deities. god, shiva live wallpaper. Hindus recognize this by putting his shrine in the temple separate from those of other deities.
Shiva, in temples, is usually found as a phallic symbol of the 'linga', which represents the energies necessary for life on both the micro and the macro levels, that is, the world in which we live and the world which constitutes the whole of the universe. god, shiva live wallpaper. in a Shaivite temple, the 'linga' is placed in the center underneath the spire, where it symbolizes the navel of the earth.
-Many Wallpaper available.
-Easy to use.
-Select a photo from gallery or capture it with your camera phone in real time.
-Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the frame as you like.
-Save your image to the memory card.
-This application supports all screen resolutions of mobile and tablet devices.
-Save your new edited Wallpaper and share it instantly on social networks.
-Share your images via WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Facebook, Twitter, email and other social networks.
-This application does not require the internet connection.
-It is completely free to download.

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