Lost Time Recovery PRO APK

Recover your lost, useless time by managing smartly Professional time management

Version2.0-full (2)
UpdatedAug 15, 2015 (5 years ago)
DeveloperMurat Öksüzer
CategoryApps, Productivity

Recover your lost, useless, trush time by managing smartly.
Professional time management.Click Here for FREE version!Features :
- Keep track of your useless, trush, lost, empty time in a day
- Define yourself goals and keep track of progression you make on goals.
- Instant report generetion for looking at your overall performance.How to use?1. Touch "Start" button on home page.2. Add your daily useless time activities on " What I Lost" tab. For example, watching tv 2 hours. This will be your credit to add useful goal activities.3. Jump to "My Goals" tab and add useful tasks you want to do in a day. For example, read book 1 hour.
To be realist, you can only add goal activities as much as you have lost time. That means, you can not add more goal task when total goal time is equal to or more then lost time.4. As you do this goal tasks, come to app and update the progress you make for the task you do. For example, 20 %, 50 % etc.
Note: Touch any task on list to open update dialog.5. By the end of the day, you should update all progress values of goal tasks, so generated report represents your real performance.6. Jump to "Report" tab to see your overall performance. Hom much progress you make, how much time you recovered etc.7. Next day, jump to "My Goals" tab. Reset all progresses you made yesterday and start progressing from scratch.8. You may like our facebook page in order to hear and follow news about our apps.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/POrion-Engineering-Mobile/7952384005593979.Contact [email protected] for your questions and suggestions.

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