Lotto Number Generator China APK

This program offers number generators for China lotteries.

Version2.0.0 (6)
UpdatedApr 23, 2019 (1 year ago)
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This program offers number generators for China lotteries,

双色球, 七乐彩, 福彩3D, 开乐彩(Keno).

Additionally, you can check lotto (lottery) winning numbers by a browser app, referring to the page URLs this app offered.

According to google play content policy 「Gambling: We don’t allow content or services that facilitate online gambling ...」, pages of lotto winning numbers this app offered - even though the lotto official web site - might be treated as 「online gambing site」, so this app does NOT offer direct links to lotto winning numbers pages. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.

1.You can decide to generate lotto numbers or look up lotto results in the entrance.

2.Lotto numbers generation:
(1)First press the lotto button you want their numbers to be generated.
(2)Pick your own numbers and exclude numbers (that you don't want them to be generated) in the bottom of "Rotators Zone". Self picked numbers and excluded numbers will not be generated by number generator. Notice: you don't have to exclude self picked numbers in the excluded numbers sections, the program will do it well.
(3)Start Rotating: In the rotating zone, click the "start rotating" button, or press middle block (keep its background in yellow) then shake your device to rotate all balls (Please hold your device tightly while shaking). If there were no accelerometer included in your device, just use "start rotating" button.
Stop Rotating: Click "Manual Stop" button whenever you want to stop the next rotating ball(Manual), or click "Auto Stop" button to stop rotating balls in turn automatically.(Auto)
Loop Rotating: Slide the middle horizontal bar or input a number into the right field to decide how many times to rotate, then click the "Start Loop" button or press the middle block (keep its background in yellow) then shake your device, to rotate all balls then stop them in turn automatically. While auto "rotate-then-stop" goes on, you can press the "Home" button of the device to leave temporarily to do somthing else, then go back to this program to watch generated numbers statistics whenever you want. If you leave this "Lotto Number Generator" page by pressing the "Back" button of the device or some "non-Home" buttons else, the statistics will be cleared.
(4)After all numbers have been generated,they will automatically be sorted by ascend below. If you want to sort them in another way,you can click either "Ascend" of "Descend" radio button.
(5)You can check the latest 20 sets of generated numbers by switching to the "Records Zone" tab, and decide to list them from new to old or from old to new, and numbers sorted by generated order or from small to big. Records will always be reserved until you delete them, even though this app is shut down.
(6)You can watch statistics for generated numbers by switching to the "Statistics Zone" tab, and decide to list them by "ball number" from small to big or by "generated times" from many to few. The generated numbers in the statistics zone will not be saved, and will be cleared once you "quit" the "Lotto Number Generator" page.

3.Lotto results looking up:
(1)Press the lotto button you want to look up.
(2)A message will be popped up to notice you URL has been copied onto the clipboard. Please open a browser and paste the copied URL into address bar of the browser to access.

[What's New]
v2.0.0: New function 「pick number(s) by tapping ball(s)」 was added.(2019/04/23)
v1.1.3: (1)URLs of result pages for 双色球, 七乐彩, 福彩3D were updated. (2)Numbers are able to be sorted by generated order or from small to big in the record zone now.(2018/07/07)
v1.1.2: (1)「开乐彩」(Keno) was added. (2) Draw time of 「福彩3D」 was updated.(2017/11/25)
v1.1.1: Records were increased to max 20 sets.(2016/09/16)

Email: bakamono0000@gmail.com

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