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Love Poem Generator (Free) APK

Infinity beautiful (and hilarious) poems at your fingertips.

Very silly. This application generates love poems at the click of a button. You can send your newly crafted masterpieces via email to your friends. It creates an endless stream of romantic verse ranging from complete nonsense to some surprisingly good lines.

The program has the option to use rude words where it tries (and fails miserably) to use mature words such as “bosoms”, “flopped” and “loins”. You can input your partner's name and gender. If that's not enough you can input as many of your own words as you like (I recommend using “sausages”, there's really nothing quite like bringing up sausages in the middle of a love poem!).

It's a little hit and miss but it's range is extensive, from the utterly profound:
“I will sit forever in our blue seasons.”

To the complete nonsense:
“I kiss you nearly, near my impassioned eyes.”

And sometimes just plain wrong:
“I will beat you lovingly.”

(it figured if it's nice to say “my heart beats only for you”, surely it's also nice to say “I will beat you lovingly”!). So funny.

It does not simply swap words around in a predefined poem like countless other poetry generators. It actually creates the entire poem from scratch including the title, the sentence structures and the structure of the poem itself. This doesn't always lead to good poetry or even poetry that makes sense but it's always entertaining!

If you want a good laugh, some ideas for writing a love poem or if you just want see how not to use our beautiful language, look no further!

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