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NameLudo APK
Version4.1.133 (133)
UpdatedDec 03, 2021
DeveloperMobilaxy: Casual, Card and Board Games
CategoryGames, Board

Ludo Parcheesi Board Game Game

Online Ludo game & Parcheesi playspace

Play this Ludo Parcheesi board game with family and friends! Roll the die and have a blast as you move your pawns to the center of the board before all of your opponents. If you get all of your pawns to the center first, you’ll be the star! Compete with players around the world in Ludo Parchis online. With tons of exciting features and boards, this is one of the best games to add to your board game collection. New mini-boards mean you can become the all-star of Ludo on the go! The customizable avatars and fun animations make it even more fun to play and communicate with your friends!

Ludo Parcheesi Rules:
- Each player takes turns rolling the die
- If you roll a 6, you may move any pawn onto the first space of the gameboard
- If your opponent moves to the same space as you, your pawn will go back to the home square
- All 4 of your pawns must reach the center of the board first to win!

- 2 to 4-player games
- Exciting 3D boards with fun, animated pawns
- Mini-board Parcheesi playspace for faster games!
- 4 game modes to choose from: You vs. Computer, Pass & Play, Online, and Connect with Friends
- Exciting online games with players around the world
- Animated pawns and avatars for better communication with your opponents!
- Easy-to-follow Parcheesi rules

Ludo Parcheesi is played on a board shaped like a symmetrical cross. The pawns of one player are distinguishable from another by their colors: blue, green, red, and yellow. If you’re a fan of the Indian game, Parcheesi, you are going to love this online Ludo game! The rules are simple but the fun is endless!

Whether you’re looking for a board game tournament or just a fun Parcheesi board game playspace, this is it! Download this ultimate online Ludo game today and experience non-stop enjoyment.

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