Now you can control your smart AUTHOMETION light bulbs with your own smartphone!

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UpdatedNov 28, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperAUTHOMETION S.r.l.
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With this app you can manage your AUTHOMETION LYT8266 light bulbs in a simple and intuitive way. Don't you know what they are? Check them out and buy them from our online store: https://authometion.com/shop/en/home/13-lyt8266.html

Position your LYT8266 using real environment pictures: click and control!
You can even control all the bulbs added to the same location - up to 5 together!

NOTE: If you purchased a LYT8266 with no pre-installed firmware, you can download it from https://authometion.com/shop/en/home/13-lyt8266.html (at the bottom of the page, download the "LYT8266 binary V.1.0" file) and install it by following these instructions:

- Open your browser and surf to
- Choose and upload the downloaded binary file
- Wait 1-2 minutes till the light bulb stops flashing
- The light bulb is now ready to use - you might still need to power it off and then on again before using it

First configuration:

When you use a LYT8266 for the first time, you have to connect it to your home network. You can do this easily from within the app, by choosing the "First LYT configuration" option which can be accessed from the options menu ( icon in the upper bar). Once there, select "Configure WiFi", choose the network you wish to connect your LYT to, type in its password, and choose "Save". Once done that, your network's credentials are stored by the LYT and it should connect to the network automatically - when it does, it flashes green three times. If it does not connect within a few seconds, you can try to power it off and then on again. If it still does not connect to the network, the most likely causes are:

1) You have mistyped the network's password. Please repeat the configuration process and ensure you type in the password correctly.
2) The WiFi signal is too weak where you placed your LYT. You can check this by reading the percentage value written near to each network's name in the "Configure WiFi" page. If the value is under 15%, the LYT might not be able to connect to the WiFi network reliably.

LYT WiFi app usage:

- Connect your smartphone to the same network as your LYTs
- Create a new location either with the '+' button or from the settings tab
- Upload or take a picture of the environment where the LYT8266 is placed
- Type in a name for the location (Hall, Kitchen, etc.) and choose an icon that represents it
- Click ADD LYT. The app will scan for surrounding LYT8266 devices and it will display the available ones - i.e. those that were not added to that location yet. Choose a LYT8266. Now press and hold its icon to position it on the picture
- Click to add the LYT to the location
- Go to the tab "Light" and click on a location to control one or all of its LYTs!

Email: info@authometion.com

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