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Make pizza and prove that you are the best Different ingredients and recipes

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Mad Pizza Cook is an exciting game for the whole family. You have to be a real chef of an Italian restaurant and cook dishes for hungry visitors. Collect ingredients and cook flavored pizza according to recipes. Get bonuses for each correctly cooked dish and earn coins to discover even more ingredients and recipes!

Beware of spiders - they bite and interfere under your feet. If you get bitten three times, you lose. The complexity is constantly increasing, so be careful as much as possible. How long can you hold out in this culinary madness? Install the game and find out right now!

How to play
First you need to buy ingredients. To do this, click on Ingredients and click on the desired products. Initially, you can only cook Margarita, and from the available ingredients you will have tomatoes and mushrooms. When you collect enough coins, you can unlock new recipes and products and make the game more fun and more complicated!

When you are stingy, click Play to play. The controls are very simple: go left or right with the arrows. The necessary products will fall from the sky. Collect them so that the crazy pizza chef slices them. Spiders fall from the sky along with the ingredients. In no case do not approach them, because they bite and take life. You have three lives in total, which are shown on the screen in the form of hearts. You can lose in two cases: if you get bitten three times or if you use up all the purchased products. For this reason, we recommend to “click on” more tomatoes and mushrooms before starting the game.

On the right on the screen you will see a pizza. It is constantly eaten by hungry visitors to your restaurant. Every time the pizza ends, the difficulty increases and the points multiplier increase. Products will begin to fall along with the spiders even faster, and the number of the latter will increase, so you have to try hard not to let them bite themselves.

To quickly collect points, you need to cook pizza according to recipes. For example, to make margarita, collect 2 tomatoes and 3 mushrooms. If you do everything right, then increase the points for the collected ingredients. You can collect products in any order: the main thing is that in the end you cut only the necessary. If you collect, for example, three tomatoes and two mushrooms, nothing terrible will happen, but you will not get a multiplier. All the ingredients can be improved for coins to get even more points!

For every 100 points you get one coin. As we wrote above, for coins you will be able to discover new recipes and ingredients, thereby increasing the skills of cooking the mad pizza cook. Every day you can receive a gift: to pick it up, click on the gift box icon in the menu. They will show you a video: when it ends, the game will thank you with coins for watching it.

Game features

What makes people play Mad Pizza Cook for hours on end? There are several answers to this question:

Colorful graphics. The game has a bright picture with traced details. It is made in a cartoon style and attracts attention.
Simple control. You only need to walk left or right, avoiding spiders. Everything is very simple.
Nice music. How can you imagine an Italian restaurant without fervent music? In Crazy Pizza Chef, you'll collect food with funny accompaniments.
Pumping reaction. In order not to lose, you need to avoid spiders. To do this with each level will be more difficult. This game will train your reaction and increase attentiveness.
Are you still here? Drop reading and download the game right now. Score points and compete with friends to see which one of you is the best and the most insane pizza cook!

If you like games: cook, cook pizza, cooking, restaurant game - you should like it.

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