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Madout Car Driving - Cool Cars


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Namecityrace APK
Version1.4.9 (149)
UpdatedDec 02, 2021
DeveloperBrush Work
CategoryGames, Racing

Madout Car Driving - Cool Cars Game

A cyber electric car, a pickup truck or a sports car: what will be your taste?

Get into the electric car and enjoy breathtaking urban street racing! Feel like the renegade elitist, driving through the spectacular streets, picturesque parks, sandy beaches and industrial areas. Explore highways, locate collectibles, upgrade your car and purchase new vehicles, both electric and gas-powered! Master the controls and become the most notorious racer in the game world! Deny any limits and just enjoy the ride.

Game features:
- Large 3D locations - sprawling cities with wide roads and modern infrastructure, from pastoral suburbs to cyberpunk city center;
- A decent choice of finest cars, based on popular and trendy real-world analogues - including sport cars, pickup trucks and even sharp-contoured electric cyber cars;
- A possibility to customize and upgrade your cars to make them really fast and tremendously furious. Tune engine, transmission, chassis and other components, change the colors of your vehicle and make it truly unique. Ever dreamt about monster truck powered by Tesla coils, for example?
- A realistic physics model of vehicles, electric or with combustion engine: cars behave and take damage as they should in real life;
- 3D graphics of high quality;
- A lot of collectibles to find;
- Police that patrols the streets - avoid it or deal with it!

Currently the game is mainly focused on the free ride mode and car customization: you can explore the 3D cities and collect various objects that unlock access to the next cities and new, improved car parts. Don't be afraid of traffic, as there is none of it. Where’s the motor sound? What happened to all the people, you could wonder? Maybe they have become victims of zombie apocalypse or pandemic fever? Well, it's just as planned: in the next updates we intend to add more interesting mechanics, such as road traffic, storyline, delivery quests, stunts, tricks, more cars and trucks and expanded tuning possibilities as well.
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