Magic 8 Ball, Destiny, Fortune, Oracle Love Ritual APK

Answer your questions guide your destiny together with the mystery prophecy ball

Version1.6 (19)
UpdatedNov 25, 2019 (8 months ago)
CategoryGames, Casual

🎱 Do you have mystic questions that need immediate answers to guide your life like an oracle? 90s games Magic Ball 3D is ready for fortune telling.

🎱 Are you in search of answers to questions that you can't find in the mysterious world of words like magic, fate, magic, prophecy, fortune telling, love ritual?

🎱 Ask a question, and let Magic 8ball guess the answer like an oracle!

🎱 Do you have problems in your love life as a couple? Does your partner love you? 8 Ball oracle will answer if your partner loves you! Mystery ball is a tool which will help couples!

🎱 Do you love your job? Ask 8 Ball Fortune about your destiny for job and let it guess! You may have a new partner, or you may be promoted in your job. Let 8 Ball guide and help you.

🎱 Together with the 8 Ball game mystery prophecy and fortune, take free advise from the crystal ball, ask any question!

🎱 Do you believe in karma and astro? 8 Ball game will give you the sign for your karma by the help of astro!

🎱 Start relax first and explore the magic ritual you have within yourself with the magic ball!

🎱 Love the nostalgia? 90s games is available for guess and question with variations of yes or no! Karma is with you!

🎱 Astro is the new magic. Think about a question, ask the 3d ball, signs will be decided by astro!

🎱 You can think of millions of questions at a time, but just focus on one with the 8 magic ball game and see your fate.

🎱 Guide your destiny with each sign. Free Magic Ball 3D waits for you. Be prepared for the mystery! Just shake the phone and let our prophecy ball help you to guide your destiny.

🎱 The most admired nostalgic and mystical ball of the 90s games; 8 Ball fortune teller game is designed together.

🎱 If our existence is to live our destiny, let the prophecy get us one step closer to the magical end! Guess the answer with the 8ball.

🎱 Keep in mind that 8 Ball 3D is just a luck game and oracle which has answers to your destiny! Yes or no? Join the game for free! Spread the love!

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