The famous magic app! Fun way to predict the future for your decisions.


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Sep 1, 2023
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Magic Ball / Magical Ball GAME

Want to predict the future? Have any doubts about your decisions? Or just looking for an answer for a difficult question?
Magical Ball is here for you!

How it works:
1. Think about your question. Ask questions that can be answered "yes" or "no".
2. Concentrate! Think about your question!
3. Activate the ball!
4. Read the answer.

👍 Examples of correct questions:
- Ball, will my wish come true?
- Ball, should I change my image?
- Ball, should I ask her out on a date?

👎 Examples of wrong questions:
- Ball, what is my name?
- Ball, what time is it?
- Ball, guess what number I have in mind.

❗ Pay attention:
The answers may not be true. This application is made for your fun.🙂

If you want to surprise your friends, you can create your own answers in the application and let them ask the ball questions! They will be surprised how the Destiny Ball knows so much about them. Mystic!

The Magic 8 Ball, like the mystifying oracle, pawns easily through the unknown, anticipating how the wheel of destiny will turn. The mysterious world of magic, prophecies, divinations, and rituals is its native element!

Just like a Mystical Ball used by a professional fortune-teller, the Magic Ball can display various options for the future. Ask anything — and the Fortune Telling Magic Ball will send a karmic sign.

But that's not all! If you don't have a coin at hand, you can flip a coin in our application! Heads or tails?
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