Magic Country: fairy farm and fairytale city APK

Magic Country: fairy farm and fairytale city


Wizard or witch?Master magic,find mystery secret fairy city.Fairy country story.


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Mar 19, 2018
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Magic Country: fairy farm and fairytale city Game

Dive into the secret country of magic! Evolve fairy farm to spellcraft city and magic township. Build mystery fantasy town, a secret city of magic. Craft magic Instead hayday and become wizard or witch! Inhabit magic country with your favourite characters: wizards and witches, dragons and princesses, elves and goblins, fairies and dwarves!

Invite the brave hero to the hearthstone. Build an ancient forge to make cool artifacts. Tell your own pocket casual saga about the coc realm. Sell away magic balz to pirate and help to solve a magic puzzle quest. Enchant a simple thing with your own rpg like iclicker and become the Emperor of the classic fantasy sims.

This game is about click and cash! You can get it by tap, swipe and good coin investment! Rpg games or dungeon and dragon game? Try to build your own fantasy playground. Chillout and play.


- Great art.
- Mix of clicking games and fantasy world.
- A lot of houses and upgrades.
- Magic bubbles.
- Easier than a tedious match 3 games.
- Played both online and offline!
- Join the community of foranj fans.
- Get free gems if you play our other games.

Get your own spells and share your kingdom with your friends.
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