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May 11, 2017

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Magic Love Story: Secret Crush GAME

Every girl dreams of having an unforgettable magical romance, but who says that only means a cute, sweet guy to sweep you off your feet? In “Magic Love Story,” your love life isn't the only thing that's shooting sparks!

From your head to your toes, there's magic in the air. Whether it's your belly flip-flopping at the sight of Wesley, your heart pounding at Aaron's voice, or your fingers firing out a spell of choice, something bewitching is going on—and you never saw it coming. The two guys you like the most are finally interested in you, but it comes at the worst time. You suddenly have a mysterious secret that not even you understand. Will it scare them both away?

Wesley's the guy every girl dreams of. He's a great basketball player, wealthy, handsome as can be, and has a smile that will sweep you off your feet. Aaron may be more shy, but he's a motorcycling riding, hot star football player with blue eyes that you could get lost in forever. You've known them both for a little while, and you never thought in a million years they'd both like you, too, but your excitement only lasts so long...fate has different ideas.

Danger will bring you closer to your crushes than you ever thought possible. After a sudden release of your power, you find yourself in peril and have to learn magic on the fly to save not only your own life but also the lives of your two favorite guys. Choose your own path and figure out a way to come out on top. Can you learn enough magic to fight your powerful foe? Will your own power be enough, or will you, a young wizard, be too weak to win? Can you defeat the wizard that endangers the lives of everyone you love?

CHOOSE between two hot guys: Aaron and Wesley
LEARN powerful spells to save your crushes
ENJOY fun battles against your enemy
PICK your own path to defeat your magical foe

Explore your power and learn to use extraordinary magic before answering the biggest question of all: After going through terrible danger together, how will you ever choose between such enchanting guys?


Bluebell Lush Interactive is a studio that pledges to provide entertainment for millions of teens around the world. We bring stories of romance, young adult, mystery and thriller to our audience through the magic of mobile technology. Our team follows the global trends closely and we strive to provide you the most up-to-date FUN in the palm of their hands!
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