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Mahjong Cookie & Candy - Free APK

Mahjong Solitaire with larger tiles. Colorful candy, cookie, & ice cream art.

Version2.5.1 (251)
UpdatedOct 26, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperF. Permadi
CategoryGames, Puzzle

This is a traditional Mahjong Solitaire (Mahjongg, or Majong) game with cool candy, cookie, chocolate, and cakes pictures! The colorful art is perfect if you are tired of the traditional icons - although if you prefer, you can also play with the included Chinese letters classic (Dragon) tiles. Mahjong (Mahjongg) Solitaire is an easy game to play and this version has simple tap interface, good for single touch play. The tiles are bigger size so you they should appear quite large on most phones and tablet.

How To Play
You're presented with game boards with stacked picture tiles, forming structures such as pyramid, cake shape, tower, abstract structures, etc. Tap a tile and tap another tile that matches the first tile (has the the same picture). When you match two identical tiles, they will disappear. However, some of the tiles are blocked & cannot be moved until you "free" them (by removing tiles adjacent and above them). The challenge is to not end up with tiles that cannot be removed. The goal of the game is to remove all the tiles from the board by matching them. You win when all the tiles are removed from the board.

It may sound like an easy game but it's not as easy because the game is like a combo of tile matching with puzzles & require strategies. You must carefully consider which tiles to move to win & not end up with unmovable tiles.

All the tile positions on the game boards are placed randomly on every level - with a special algorithm that makes them always solvable if you make the correct moves. And more importantly, because the tile placements on every level are randomly generated, the levels are re-playable. Your best times is also recorded so you can replay try to beat your best times & virtually get a new tile positions.

There are many board configuration included in this app, from fewer tiles (easy) to many many tiles, all free to play with no In App Purchase. In addition to the candy and cookie tiles, the traditional/classic Mahjong Solitaire tiles (with dots, bamboos, dragon and Chinese letters) is included. The difficulty level on this Mahjong (Mahjongg) game is 'beginner' to 'intermediate' - the puzzles aren't as hard as other Mahjong games.

So if you enjoy Mahjong, solitaire, cookies, candies, chocolate & sweets, then checkout this app, enjoy relaxing time and challenge yourself by matching tiles and become Mahjong Solitaire master.

Summary of Features
- Traditional/classic Mahjong (Mahjongg or Majong) solitaire game rules, themed with cute candies, cookies, chocolates, ice creams, cakes & more. If you prefer the more traditional tile sets, we also include the Chinese letters, bamboos and dragon tiles. Just select which set you want to pay before the game starts.
- The tiles are designed to be large enough for most phone screens for easy tap and touch screen interface.
- Over 100 board layouts to play. All of them free to play without In App Purchase.
- For 'beginner' & 'intermediate' players. Some levels are hard but not too hard.
- Many ways to play. You can select tile sets, tile shapes, and wallpapers.
- Hint & shuffle options that you can use when the game become too difficult to solve.
- Randomly generated boards &levels with solvable algorithms, which means many random tiles placement & variations for replay-ability.

Note for "expert" Mahjongg players: Mahjong Candy & Cookie levels may be too easy for experts because this app is primarily for beginners & intermediate players. For that reason, we designed the levels so that the beautiful tiles appear large & look good on most smart-phones screens, and to make it easy for beginners & intermediate players to spot & tap matching tiles. For experts who want mega challenges, we suggest checking out or other Mahjongg games, like Mahjong Galaxy Space (

What's New

- Added more levels. Now the game has over 180 levels.
- 64-bit version added.

Previous updates:
- More new boards and a new wallpaper added. The game now has over 130 boards.
- Bug fixes for rare errors under certain circumstances.
- SDK and libraries update.

If you encounter any issue, please contact us at Hope you enjoy the update!


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