You think you can loop your way around this pulley puzzle? Think again 😏

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UpdatedJul 05, 2020 (8 months ago)
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MAKARA - "A gorgeous brainteaser to stretch your mind."

MAKARA is a physics puzzle game that's as unique as its name. It is based on a simple mechanic that is as old as recorded history: pulleys! The goal is simple: loop the rope around the pulley system. Sounds easy right? Not so fast! Because as the complexity ramps up, MAKARA will challenge you to a level you wouldn't imagine.

Stunningly simple gameplay and intuitive controls make MAKARA wonderfully easy to pick up and play. But don't let this fool you - MAKARA provides a true challenge for those who like their puzzle games a bit more demanding. In each level of MAKARA, you'll be scratching your head trying to loop a rope around a pulley puzzle. Later levels get surprisingly challenging as the difficulty and complexity of the puzzles gently ramps up. Sometimes you'll be stuck, wondering what the next move could be; but MAKARA's generous Hint System will always be there to nudge you in the right direction without giving away the solution.

There are no distractions here - just you and the stunningly beautiful puzzles on your screen. Even when those puzzles get frustrating at later stages, the dreamy & zen-like soundscape of MAKARA will keep you relaxed.

In MAKARA, you'll be...
💡 Looping your way through 100 meticulously designed puzzles.
💡 Exercising your brain and expanding your logical reasoning.
💡 Competing with your friends on Leaderboards to complete puzzles in the shortest time.
💡 Winding down to the zen-like and relaxing ambient music and soundscape.
💡 Enjoying the relaxed pace and improving your focus.
💡 Immersing yourself in the elegant and gorgeous visual design of our minimalist puzzles.

This is a unique puzzle game you'll return to again and again. Start challenging your mind with the masterfully crafted puzzles of MAKARA today!

Be sure to check back on the game because we'll have more levels coming soon!

You can reach us at support@filgames.com if you need any help.

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