Makeup Contouring, A step by step simply guide and tips for makeup.


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Aug 8, 2017

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Makeup Contouring APP

Makeup Contouring is a cool application to learn make up contouring. Content is visual, and easy to understand for end users to learn step by step makeup contouring. You can follow these simple and easy tips for makeup contouring and learn to take care of your makeup and your nose, double chin and cheeks contouring all by yourself.

This is a step by step guide, which is very easy to understand and follow, everything is explained in a simple way with graphic images, so every one could take advantage of this app and learn a new skill.

It is very helpful for beauticians who want o enhance their makeup skills and learn proper contouring. Contouring is a vital part of makeup art, and makeup artists get famous or infamous on the basis of their contouring skills.


- Zoom in
- Zoom out
- Social sharing
- Smart navigation
- Cool graphics

This app is equally good for an amature as well as a pro, when it comes to tips on face contouring, there are tips for chin contouring, cheeks make up and other facial make up tips.

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This is a collection of exclusively compiled tips for makeup contouring, anyone with an Android device can access the content, it is FREE to download and share, and the app runs well without any internet access.
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