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Mammal Tracker helps you to easily ID and record the UK's mammals

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The Mammal Tracker smartphone application is the first extensive phone app for the identification and recording of British mammals. The aim is to collect valuable and verifiable data on the presence of mammals across the British Isles (except Ireland and Northern Ireland who have their own Irish mammal application). The app is an integral part of The Mammal Society’s new Heritage Lottery Funded Mammal Watch South East (MaWSE) project. Although this project is focused in the south east of England, the app is operational nationwide.

People often do not realise that mammals are particularly under-recorded and very little is known about the status of many mammal species. They are frequently overlooked due to their elusive and often nocturnal behaviour in the wild. Mammal records are vital in order to accurately determine their distribution and numbers, and to help inform conservation action for the species that need it.

Any records you submit using the “Mammal Tracker” app will be reviewed and verified by an expert before being added to our database. By recording your sightings and signs of mammals, you are contributing to the general body of data available via the NBN Gateway. These records will also contribute to a future national atlas. This Mammal Atlas will be used to inform future conservation decisions for British mammals.

Thank you for taking part! Scientists could not do this work without the help of people across the UK, like you, reporting when and where they find our mammal species.

What's New

Addition of:

Scottish Wildcat Action project data
Ability to record UK bat species
Legends to distribution maps

Email: info@natural-apptitude.co.uk

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