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Fundamentals of Marine Corps Martial Arts

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UpdatedAug 16, 2015 (5 years ago)
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This application will cover the fundamentals of Marine Corps Martial Arts to include the purpose of close combat, ranges of close combat, weapons of the body, target areas of the body, pressure points, basic warrior stance, and angles of approach and movement, and body hardening.

There are several fundamentals of the physical discipline of our martial arts that are used throughout any type of confrontation or situation. These fundamentals form the basis for all martial arts instruction and techniques. Additionally, you must prepare your body for the rigors of combat. To do so your body must possess the attributes of both toughness and flexibility. Like iron, you must be able to absorb and give out punishment but have the flexibility to prevent injuries. The proper execution of these fundamentals will enable you to effectively perform martial arts techniques that may very well save your life or the lives of fellow Marines one day.

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