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NameMark Counter APK
Version6.6.0 (74)
UpdatedApr 01, 2021
CategoryApps, Education

Mark Counter - Average mark/score calculator app

Calculate average mark / average score. 5-point/10-point/12-point mark systems

Mark Counter is a useful and convenient tool for counting the average mark (average score) and final mark (score) for a year/semester/quarter. It will be very useful to the teacher/pupil/student. Instead of working with the calculator for a long and boring time, you simply press a few buttons or even do not touch the screen at all: the application has a voice input function that allows you to enter ratings with a voice! After that, you can see the schedule, learn how the performance changed during the year. Having counted the ratings separately for each subject you can immediately find out the total: in this you will be helped by the function of counting the total average score. Also Mark counter has 5-point, 10-point and 12-point mark systems, so app suits for many countries and rating systems.

Advantages of the application:
👌 Simple and intuitively clear interface
🎤 Voice input: just dictate marks and get in reply your average mark (average score). Works offline
🚀 Existence of a five-point, ten-point and twelve-point mark system: suits most educational institutions
📈 Graph will demonstrate as your progress within a year changed
⚙ Flexible settings: consider as it is necessary for you!
💯 Total mark (total score): will help to learn final mark. Click "GPA" button to calculate fractional score.

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