Markhor Hunting Season APK

First ever Markhor Hunting 3D game, Hunt and shoot Markhor.

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UpdatedNov 12, 2016 (4 years ago)
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Here is first ever Markhor Hunting or Shooting game on Google Play with real 3D graphics. If you have ever been a hunter or shooter using sniper rifles, you will really enjoy if you achieve to hunt Markhors in the Forest.

Markhor Hunting Season is started now and time start. Take your favorite sniper gun to hunt Markhor in the Forest and mountaneous area. This is the most adventurious hunting game where you with the sniper have to hunt down the markhors by searching them inside the mountaneous region. They are fast animals such as they walk and run much faster than the player. You have to be very careful in hunting down markhors. Markhor hunting is the difficult hunting than deers and other animals etc. Lets see what you can do.

There are 10 levels to play with different objectives to achieve the targets.
Missions difficulty is increased gradually.

The game difficulty depends on two factors:
1. The quantity of Markhors.
2. The time frame within which to hunt down the quantities.
- Touch and move your left thumb on the left half screen for aiming.
- Touch and move your right thumb on the right half screen for moving.
- Press the fire button to fire.
- Press the zoom button to zoom.
Markhor Hunting Features:-
- Multiple and attractive missions.
- Realistic 3D graphics and modles.
- Forest 3D environment.
- Friendly user interface and easy to use.
-No Internet connectivity required while you are playing game.
- Best 3D models of Markhor
- Sound on & off option is available.

Email: gameviewaction@gmail.com

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