Martial Arts Master: Extreme MMA Fighting Games 3D APK

Reveal your inner warrior & fight for survival to show the real MMA champion

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UpdatedJul 20, 2020 (7 months ago)
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Let’s jump into the iron cage and get yourself ready to experience the most thrilling battle fight in the cage. Now it’s time to become the world’s most powerful MMA fighter by fighting against experienced karate fighters, kung fu fighters, boxers, and wrestlers in one of the best fighting arena games Martial Arts Master is a brand-new technical knockout (TKO) combat fights sports MMA game, featuring top fighters from all around the globe. Pick from world-class legendary fighters from all over the world and step into the cage of MMA fight clash. In this offline game, try your best to get your opponent to the ground by using your freestyle skills like punching, kicking, blocking, superkicks, shutdowns, and karate style. Fight against the roughest video gaming players in this action-packed games to win the champion belt and become MMA fighting master. Learn how to fight unarmed and face to face by only using tactics of karate, kung fu games, and martial arts, like punches and kicks. It is an exciting action, and adventures 3d game to enjoy reality like martial arts sports and experience world kung fu gameplay, fighting animations, 3d fighting, thrilling sounds and real fighting styles.

It is a fighting action game 3D combat that allows players to strike and grasp, both standing and, on the ground, using techniques from various wrestling battles, modern combat sport, and karate. This fighting battle game is one of the best 3D fighting games in full HD and it has various rounds and levels including quick play and knockout rounds to provide the users with a unique environment for the more interesting battle gaming experience. Use quick reflexes and vigilant moves, unleash fierce punches and techniques, defeat all rivals and become the king of the arena martial boxing ring. Martial art fighting calls for the competitor to have a variety of skills that can include grappling, striking, kicking, punching, boxing, and defense. This martial arts game will teach you a variety of karate, Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, judo, boxing, aikido, and other battle forms that will enhance your fighting skills and will provide you with wide-range martial arts lessons in wrestling game.

In Martial Arts Master earn points for each winning against an opponent, fight against powerful rivals, and level up your martial arts & karate fighting skills to get top-level ranking in this amazing boxing action. Prove your skills as the powerful martial arts fighter and beat your enemies in the ring till their last breath to get to the top-level ranking in this fanatical karate game. Win each level and earn points to increase your ranking. Watch adds to earn extra points. The enemies in the game are tough and competent and will give you a very rough time by using diverse action games styles including taekwondo, Thai, kung fu, boxing, and others. Show your top-level fighting skills to overcome all of the enemies with the power of kung fu karate tiger claw style. Fight the enemies to unlock new levels, characters, and boxer’s strength to increase the power of fighting and knock out your opponent’s so that they never fight with you again in MMA fighting. Create your dream fighter from multiple thrilling moves and fight for the tournament belt for this martial art game fighting. Destroy the opponent, ring, and even the referee to be the one and only World MMA champion of action game 3D.

Martial Arts Master: Extreme MMA fighting Games Features:

• Fight and defeat World MMA champions to level up on the scoreboard
• Win matches to earn points to unlock next tournaments and characters
• Unlimited kung fu, karate and martial arts challenges
• Smooth gameplay with excellent graphics
• Fight against the world’s toughest Mix Martial Arts champions
• Energetic Background Music Sound effects to boost your energy

What's New

MMA Fighting Revolution: Mixed Martial Art Manager Game Features:

• Level Up By Defeating Mma Legendary Fighters in World Tournament
• Unlimited Kung Fu & Karate Fighting Challenges
• Mixed Martial Arts Tournaments with Big Rewards
• Win MMA Fighting Matches & Get Rewarded Points to Unlock Next Tournament

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