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Masha and the Bear: Dentist


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NameMasha and the Bear APK
Version1.4.3 (143)
UpdatedNov 26, 2021
DeveloperHippo Kids Games
CategoryGames, Role Playing

Masha and the Bear: Dentist Game

Masha and the Bear - animal doctor and dentist games for kids

💥💥💥Yippee!! New educational games for kids!
Free dentist game, where Masha and the Bear will treat bad teeth with other animals!

💊Fascinating dentistry with characters of the favorite Masha and the Bear cartoon. These are real educational games for kids, where we will clean teeth of the favorite cartoon characters!

👀Have you been looking for family games for toddlers about pet doctor for a long time? Never before has dental care been so interesting! New animal dental games for girls - this is a real animal doctor simulator!
New fun games for boys in the Masha’s world is here. We play as doctors and treat bad teeth together! Forest habitats need a full examination. A good orthodontist and an animal dentist have not been to the forest since a long time!

🔅Masha, Bear are asking your baby for help for the animals to continue eating sweets. Baby games are a great work for the whole family!

🎈A dentist for animals will help your child to take care, clean teeth in bad teeth games of the animals, work with realistic dental devices and learn about dental care in a team with Masha!
Caries? It doesn't matter - we play fun dentist and animal games together with Masha and others who love been as animal dentist! We cure all the patients!

😍Educational kids games for girls - an excellent pastime for the whole family! Animal games about pet doctor are perfect to develop skills - ingenuity, attentiveness, visual memory and accuracy. Free dentist games for kids - a real catch for young orthodontist.

🖐Everyone will enjoy a simple interface of our children games! If you were looking for learning games and animal dental games for kids from 3 to 5 years old, then we have something to surprise you with! Play as animal doctor in our fun dentist game with your child!

🏥Animal dental games for girls will teach how to brush animal's teeth and care for them. While you are watching Masha and the Bear cartoon, our dental office is waiting for patients. Let's quickly treat all of the animals!
You need to take an x-ray or other dental tools for those who have serious problems in the story, because these are the best animal games like cartoons for kids! So let's go play childrens games to treat animals?

💭More family games for toddlers you can find on the developer’s page! Fun games for boys, cartoons and cool kids games for girls and much more!

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