Masha and the Bear: Free Animal Games for Kids APK

Masha and the Bear: Free Animal Games for Kids


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NameMasha Bear: Vet Games APK
Version4.0.9 (409)
UpdatedOct 20, 2021
DeveloperHippo Kids Games
CategoryGames, Role Playing

Masha and the Bear: Free Animal Games for Kids Game

Masha and the Bear - animal hospital in free animal games for kids

Animal games are one of the most popular free games for kids. Do you know how to treat animals? If not, Masha the doctor and the veterinary clinic for animals will help! Educational games with Masha bring diversity to the children's world. If you and your baby are looking for doctor games about animals, Masha and the Bear is exactly what you need. Let's take care of little friends!

Holidays can't happen if there are diseases around. Anything can happen in the forest: a scratch, a bruise, a toothache, or some other unpleasant accident. The development of the disease can be very painful. The patients are waiting for help and the hospital is overcrowded. But the doctor has got sick, and Masha can come to rescue. Training for the profession of a doctor lasts more than 3 years, and for magister degree - more than 5 years. But our main character is a real talent. Her pets are obedient kids. Therefore, the forest friends will listen carefully to the new doctor.

Not everyone brushes their teeth every day, like boys and girls, who listen to their parents. Brushing teeth is important for children. The teeth of animals should be brushed more often. A good dentist is essential in the forest. Masha doctor gives a lesson for toddlers and shows how to put fillings. The vet clinic for pets opens its doors to everyone. A bear, a bunny, and a tiger will delight children with snow-white smiles. Children will learn that the dentist is a very important doc for both adults and children.

It is very interesting and useful to play with the heroes of your favorite cartoon Masha and the Bear. Taking care of animals is not easy. A girl doctor can teach children how to treat cold, bandage a paw, use a tonometer and smear wounds. Did you get scratched by a cat or bitten by a dog? The hospital has enough bandages and ointments for babies. We play doctor, and pets will thank us.

Veterinary clinic games for children is not just a story about how animals get sick. The educational game Masha and the Bear improves visual memory, logic, intelligence and attentiveness. Toddlers will love the intuitive interface. But older kids will also be able to find a lot of interesting things for them.

Download the vet game for free and dive into the magical world of hospital games for boys and girls. The development of a child from 2 to 9 years old and his learning requires new experiences. Animal care is useful knowledge. We believe that such knowledge is acquired quickly and for a long time. This will become an additional source of new discoveries and teach your baby useful skills.

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