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مصرى | Maṣrī | egyptian Dictionary plugin for Multiling O Keyboard autocorrect and word prediction

​⑴ Install this plugin and Multiling O Keyboard. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kl.ime.oh
⑵ Run O Keyboard and follow its setup guide.
⑶ Slide space bar to switch languages.

If you have font issue, read this: http://honsoapps.appspot.com/1/ma.html

Egyptian Arabic is the language spoken by most contemporary Egyptians. It is more commonly known locally as the Egyptian colloquial language or Egyptian dialect. Look below for local namings.

Egyptian Arabic is a variety of the Arabic languages of the Semitic branch of the Afroasiatic language family. It originated in the Nile Delta in Lower Egypt around the capital Cairo. Descended from the spoken Arabic which was brought to Egypt during the seventh-century AD Muslim conquest, its development was influenced by the indigenous Coptic of pre-Islamic Egypt,[3][4][5] and later by other languages such as Turkish/Ottoman Turkish, Italian, French and English. The 80 million Egyptians speak a continuum of dialects, among which Cairene is the most prominent. It is also understood across most of the Arabic speaking countries due to the predominance of the Egyptian influence on the region as well as the Egyptian media, making it the most widely spoken and one of the most widely studied varieties of Arabic. [6]

Egyptians know the dialect as the Egyptian colloquial language (اللغة المصرية العامية [elˈloɣæ l.mɑsˤˈɾejjɑ l.ʕæmˈmejjæ][note B]) or Egyptian dialect (اللهجة المصرية [elˈlæhɡæ l.mɑsˤˈɾejjɑ][note C]; abbreviated: مصرى‎[7] [ˈmɑsˤɾi] "Egyptian"). However, it is also named the Modern Egyptian Language (اللغة المصرية الحديثة‎,[8] IPA: [elˈloɣæ l.mɑsˤˈɾejjɑ l.ħæˈdiːsæ][note A])

The terms Egyptian Arabic and Masri are usually used synonymously with Cairene Arabic, the dialect of the Egyptian capital. The country's native name, Maṣr, is used locally to refer to the capital Cairo itself. Similar to the role played by Parisian French, Egyptian Arabic is by far the most dominant in all areas of national life.

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