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Material & energy balance notes for engineering students.

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Material & energy balance notes for engineering students. Material & energy balance app almost covers important topics chapter wise

Chapter 1. Mathematical and Engineering calculation

1. Different unit systems
2. Conversion of unit from one system to other dimensions
3. Law of Conservation of Mass
4. Energy Basic of calculation

Chapter 2. Ideal Gases & Vapor pressure

1. Introduction of ideal gas
2. behavior of ideal gases
3. Real Gases
4. Van der waal?s equation
5. Solution Techniques for Cubic Expressions and Root Finding
6. Raoult's Law
7. Raoult's Law

Chapter 3. Material balance

1. Introduction of component balance solving material balance
2. Simultaneous equ at steady state material balance
3. Unsteady state recycle bypass and purge calculations

Chapter 4. Energy balance

1. Specific heat capacity
2. Heat and Enthalpy Changes
3. Heat of Vaporization

Chapter 5. Stochiometry & unit operations

1. Crystallization
2. Evaporation
3. Psychometry and its application

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