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Math Challenge - Brain Exercise


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Latest Version

NameMath Challenge APK
Version2.0.7 (10)
UpdatedMar 28, 2020
CategoryApps, Education

Updated - What's New

Added multiplayer game mode.
Added translations to new languages.
Bugs corrections.

Math Challenge - Brain Exercise App

Test your math skills and exercise your brain! Educational game for kids.

Keep your mind in good shape by math training!
With this game you or your children can improve their mathematical skills and prepare for math tests.

- 12 levels with increasing difficulty,
- 20 questions on each of the 11 levels, 50 questions on the last level,
- Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on positive and negative numbers,
- Operation on two and three arguments,
- Brain training/exercises,
- Ranking of the best players.
- Online multiplayer game mode,
- Achievements to get.

Your score is the total of points from all levels.

This is a great game for kids and adults - maths in all ages helps exercise your brain and IQ.
Your child will not have any problems with the multiplication table. Also game at every level is a kind of exercise of concentration.

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