Math Fighters: Multiplication APK

Action Game with awesome graphics! Test your brain with multiplication tables!

Version1.8 (9)
UpdatedOct 25, 2016 (4 years ago)
CategoryGames, Educational

Marvelous graphics made with Unity!
Stylish Action Game! Easy to control!
Test your brain with a multiplication game! learn multiplication tables!
Combo attack! Air combo! Robot fighters! Super awesome fighting game!
This is not only a math game but also a stylish action game. This is very fun! Plus, It makes you more smart.

It's a cool math game for children, school kids or adults that will help you to learn the time tables in an easy and progressive way at home. It's also good for adults to improve your brain's IQ.
It is perfect for primary school kids or for adults who need to revise. Multiplications tables is a practical educational game for everyone.

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