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UpdatedJan 09, 2020 (9 months ago)
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Do you like math challenges, puzzles and riddles? Then Math Game is definitely for you.This excellent and beautiful App will help you to develop, train and improve your brain skills. A lot of different challenges will make you enjoy this cool math game. We provide 100 different levels of math puzzles with a lot of challenges to solve. The main focus of the App is to help people to exercise their performance, attention, concentration, evaluation, success and make them have a good time during the use of Math Game.
► Features
* Cool math games for training, improving, developing brain skills.
* A lot of different, competent, funny brain games
* 100 levels to learn, perform, improve, your math skills.
* Totally free
* App is working perfectly offline
* Good for all ages
* Easy to use
* Available languages
* PRO version
► Math games
Why should I play math games? There are a lot of useful qualities that we will obtain or improve when we get through math challenges in this App and we will help people to develop useful skills and make them have fun with solving numerous puzzles.
► Different challenges, puzzles, games
Difference means experience, performance, learn and fun. So, that’s why we provide a lot of different riddles.  We will try to keep your focus on our App and it won’t be boring for you. Each level of Math Game is designed to help you to improve important skills such as memory, attention, intellect, concentration, etc.
► 100 Levels
100 different levels of math puzzles, riddles and challenges are available to all users. The app will make you enjoy every level that you are facing. Difference is never bored, so, just get started and enjoy!
► Work offline
App completely works offline. Internet is not being required to keep your progress up to date or complete any level.
► Age rate
The App can be used by everybody. Basically Math Game is for people of all ages who like challenges, quiz, riddles and different cool math games. It will help everyone to improve your math and brain skills in spite of the age of the person.
► Easy to use
The App is designed to be clear, good structured, organised, pleasant and funny. So, nothing will retain you to start challenging yourself with interesting puzzles, riddles and quiz.
► Available languages
Currently App supports 3 languages: English, Spanish and Russian. In the future we will try to provide more languages to improve user experience and performance of the App.
► PRO version 
PRO version of Math Game is available where you can find directly all the hints, results or recover attempts and more interesting features, levels, functions which are coming soon!
We are really excited to present this cool math game to you. This is an easy, beautiful, awesome, challenging App that will help you to develop your memory, intellectual and concentration skills and as well it will make you have a good time.

Try it out and enjoy! 
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What's New

General design improvements
Quality improvements of challenges

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