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Mathdoku + Killer Sudoku + calculator!

Version1.31 (131)
UpdatedFeb 28, 2019 (2 years ago)
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MathDoku Extended integrates MathDoku and Killer Sudoku with calculator!

The game is based on the famous open source implementation of a well known sudoku-like games which uses a little math.

Our extension has several improvements over the original:

- on the same board you can play both Mathdoku and Killer Sudoku

- integrated call to our own DigitCalc - a simple calculator that computes all combinations of one-digit numbers which gives a desired result for selected mathematical operation. It is a standalone application which can be used with this and other sudoku-like games. If DigitCalc is called from the game, it automatically gives possible combination for selected cage considering already resolved cells and if cage is in line (so without duplicates).

- enabled long touch to fill cell. No need to constantly switch between normal and 'maybe' mode. Just tap shortly to put 'maybe' or long touch to put the solution into a cell.

- lazy mode option in settings to automate trivial solutions
- long press back button to set checkpoint and rewind to it
- long press cells with 2 or 3 'maybes' to remove trivial 'maybes' in other cells
- sum numbers in cages to help in Killer Sudoku solving
- bigger board
- bigger 'maybe' numbers
- 3x3 digit panel
- new theme with more visible colors

Features removed from the original:
- swipe
- scrolling text on top
- penalty on check progress
- sharing by e-mail

If you are missing some of the removed features and/or don't need the added features please stick to the original. If you like our work and have some suggestions or complaints, feel free to contact us at:


What's New

ver 1.31
- Google policy compliance

Email: klokisoft@gmail.com

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