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Teach your children numbers, digits. Mathematics from<br>arithmetic to complex ops

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The German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss referred to mathematics as "the Queen
of the Sciences". We strongly believe that our kids need a good app to learn math and
created Mathy especially for this purpose. Mathy is an app from parents to kids. We,
creators of Mathy, built this app for our kids and decided to share with children around
the globe after our kids have tested it out.
Game has several difficulty levels such as Beginner and Expert. While you’re at the
Beginner level your kid will learn arithmetic with numbers, digits and basic mathematical
operations: addition, subtraction in scope of 20. Also Beginner includes several mini
games for basic geometry. At the Expert level your kids will learn same addition,
subtraction but we also add multiplication and some algebra related mini games. Kids

will continue to learn geometry at Expert level. Expert level plays with digits in scope of
The idea of Mathy app is to start teaching kids math from the very beginning. We do our
education in a game mode when your child play dozens of mini games and learn
mathematics in funny ways. Education starts from Arithmetic and basic things. First of
all your kid learn digits and numbers. Then children will play mini games for addition
and subtraction in scope of 20. After your kids have completed basic things they will
switch to addition and subtraction in scope of 20 and multiplication tables. Besides this
your child will touch geometry area throughout many mini games.
In Mathy you have many interesting mini games to play math samples. Mathy is a girl
character that will support your kids during their education. After you completed each
mini game you will receive reward that will open new animal in a Zoo or new building in
a Map. With this approach your kid will learn not only math but fun facts about animals
and famous places in the world.
We strongly believe that our app will become a friend for your kids and help them to
become new famous scientist or entrepreneur. Math is very important in our life and this
app should help you to bring this science to the life of your children. Let’s educate our
kids together and raise new bright people.
P.S. We will be happy to receive any feedback from your that will help to make this app
better, please share it with us in comments or feedback form inside application.
Appreciate your help!

What's New

Dear friends! You are welcome to download the latest update of our Mathy app! We’ve updated the daily rewards system! Now by logging in every day you will collect even more bonuses! Hope you will enjoy all the updates and we will be more than happy to receive your feedback!

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