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Latest Version

Version1.5 (6)
UpdatedNov 25, 2020
DeveloperCoBehr Dev
CategoryGames, Puzzle


A fun and casual puzzle mini-game collection! Bite-sized gameplay!

Enjoy a fun and casual mini-game collection, free from annoying ads or life systems that force you to pay and/or watch ads to continue playing!

🍹Want to relax? Play the casual mode of the Match 3 mini-game, just you, the tiles, and 3 different difficulties to choose from, no time limit, no worries.

🥇Play to Win! Want a challenge?

Choose one of three challenge modes to show the world just what you are made of!

⌛️Timed⌛️ Challenge:

A match 3 mini-game that has you racing against the clock to rack up as many points and time extensions as possible!

🛑Movement🛑 Challenge:

A match 3 mini-game where every move counts, will cooler heads prevail? If no more movements are possible, you'll get a hefty score bonus!

🎈Bubble🎈 Challenge:

A physics based mini-game where you pop bubbles and try to keep the countdown bar from stopping you!


📋 Get help at any time! Hit the "❔" button in the main menu or the pause menu to refresh your knowledge of the game's rules!

🔊 Outstanding sound design, any better and this'd be an ASMR app.

🌎 Localizations, play in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Japanese, Russian or Hindi!

🥇 Leaderboards, show everyone who is the best!

🚫 Or don't, Leaderboards, and Google Games connection, are completely optional, and can be turned on and off at any time from the main menu.

🧩 "Match 3" and "Bubbles" puzzle gameplay.
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