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Dec 8, 2023
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Mazii: Dict. to learn Japanese APP

Japanese dictionary with diverse features, including detailed lookups, quick translations, and support for practice, making learning Japanese easier

Mazii provides Japanese words and phrases with their pronunciation and meaning, helping users to learn and use Japanese effectively.
Our Japanese Dictionary is a useful tool for those who want to learn Japanese, especially those who are just starting to learn Japanese.

Help Users Better Understand The Japanese Language And Use Them More Correctly:
- Look up vocabulary, kanji, sentence patterns, grammar and specialties in Japanese, native language, romaji, hiragana with detailed explanations with examples
- Support Japanese - Japanese lookup
- Note support
- Search images related to the word
- Have suggestions from the community
- Supports many different input methods: handwriting recognition, voice, camera, image, manual
- Listen to the pronunciation of the word
- Offline lookup & translation
- Practice writing kanji according to the suggested strokes

Flexible search and translate Japanese
- Online pronunciation, transliteration with kanji, romaji and hiragana
- Translate Japanese, translate quickly, separate Japanese sentences, translate Japanese to English, translate English to Japanese
- Look up Japanese grammar
- Kanji dictionary: look up kanji, full of information about kanji including meaning, how to read onyomi, how to read kunyomi and example kanji
- Learn to write kanji, show how to write a Kanji
- Japanese vocabulary and phrases by topic and sentence structure
- Translate everything on your screen even when you are using another app

Japanese notebook:
- Store your own vocabulary, kanji, JLPT, grammar for easier and more active learning
- Data synchronization can be learned on multiple devices at the same time
- Support learning through features such as flashcards, listening, speaking, writing, word matching,..,

JLPT Practice test N5, N4, N3, N2, N1:
- Synthesis of JLPT N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, kanji, Japanese words and grammar
- JLPT exercises from N5 - N1 with answers

Reading Japanese news: Learn Japanese by reading newspapers: with selected articles every day, using the same fast translation feature to help you read Japanese newspapers more easily

Community: community with more than 100,000 active members helping everyone to learn Japanese and exchange together in all fields.

- More than 170,000 Japanese to English dictionary words
- More than 140,000 vocabulary words in English to Japanese
- More than 12000 kanji full of information about kanji including meaning, how to read onyomi, how to read kunyomi and example kanji
- More than 500 grammatical structures are explained clearly and with specific examples.
- The community of 1 million users contribute data

Japanese Dictionary includes:
- English Japanese Translator, English Japanese Dictionary
- Vietnamese Japanese Translator, Vietnamese Japanese Dictionary
- Chinese Japanese Translator, Chinese Japanese Dictionary
- Korean Japanese Translator, Chinese Japanese Dictionary
- Indonesian Japanese Translator, Indonesian Japanese Dictionary
- French Japanese Translator, French Japanese Dictionary
- Filipino Japanese Translator, Filipino Japanese Dictionary

You can also use the Online version of the Mazii Translator & Dictionary at: https://mazii.net
When you need direct assistance, please contact via mail: support@mazii.net
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