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Are you sharp enough to split these digits?

Version1.2.3 (20)
UpdatedFeb 15, 2014 (6 years ago)
DeveloperMean Maths
CategoryGames, Puzzle

Mean Sumurai is a unique maths game for sharp minds.
You are given a number X, a sequence of digits
and your task is to split the sequence to get numbers that add up to X.

For instance, with X = 81 and a sequence 15723,
a winning splitting is 1 57 23 = 81.

Are you a number samurai?
Are you sharp enough to beat this game and its variants
- noise digits to leave out
- hidden digits to guess
- right to left swipes
- X to find in the sequence
- etc.

After some training, you will be amazed by your own progress and prowess.

Try the different modes, including

- a Tutorial to introduce you to the game variants
- a Training mode to test the craziest combinations and unlock
some of the toughest Achievements and get a spot in some specialised Leaderboards.
- an Arcade mode to see how far you can go (points an level)
- a Replay mode for the games you solved and saved
(these games will soon serve as your vassals in an upcoming online "Numbers Wars" mode

and last but not least

- a Versus Mode for casual games with friends or epic mind clashes with random opponents!
- [NEW] an Arena Mode to download special games saved by other players

Email: meanmathgames@gmail.com

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