Assemble a variety of mechanical dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurus, Parasaurus


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Sep 12, 2022
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Mechanical Dinosaurs Assembled GAME

If you like dinosaurs, do you want to have many mechanical dinosaurs? Drive a mechanical dinosaur to explore the unknown continent and become a dinosaur explorer.
"Mechanical Dinosaurs" is a simple and fun puzzle combined model game with decryption. In the form of 3D, the game displays various dinosaur categories through models. Players need to complete a model tour by assembling various parts. In addition to model assembly, there are also various puzzle games that make you not want to stop. The assembled mechanical dinosaurs can also lead you to challenge other dinosaurs in another world and open a new world.
Game Features:
* Brand new 3D visual game, feel a different three-dimensional space.
* A variety of installation combinations, increasing difficulty level by level, exploration with unlimited satisfaction.
* Enjoy the fun of model assembly and exercise your hands-on skills.
* Do it yourself and experience the difference between various dinosaurs.
* Follow the prompts to enter the dinosaur assembly interface.
* Browse the details of the model accessories, pay attention to the angle, and look for the correct assembly sequence.
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