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MEDcodigos TUSS SUS CID CBHPM Health Brazil Codes · Jan 24, 2021

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Version1.116.0.0 (254)
UpdatedJan 24, 2021
DeveloperDr. Eric Grossi - Neurocirurgia em BH
CategoryApps, Medical

MEDcodigos TUSS SUS CID CBHPM Health Brazil Codes app

Medical codes + value in paid and free BRAZIL health system SIGTAP ANS procedure


🚩 SEE SigTAP all prices paid procedures SUS current value💲by performance, TIME WITHOUT READJUSTMENT and lag in% , compare w / IPCA, US $, minimum wage and convenios
🚩 FIND all CBHPM from 2008 to 2018 with all free PDF and AMB 92.96.99
🚩 MEET new CBHPM 18 compare with CBHPM 16, 464 changes!
🚩 FIND all 57 agreements ANS number, size, consultation price, ANS note, current table and guides.
🚩 SEE CID and OPME for each SUS procedure
🚩 KNOWS for 56 health plans guides ANS / TISS standard and all SUS guides ( AIH, APAC, BPA, RAAS ).
🚩 SEARCH in the Tables: complete TUSS and SigTAP SUS ⃕ price, size, CH and DUT of 100% TUSS procedures.
🚩 ENJOY + 66 tables!

MEDcodigos gives you the BEST of medical codes:
☑️ TUSS complete with values ​​for procedures (clinics, surgeries, exams, dentistry, Medicines, OPME)
☑️ CBHPM 08/10 , CBHPM 10/12/14, CBHPM 16/18, AMB92, AMB 96 and AMB 99
☑️ ICD10 original WHO, by code and alphabetical order of the disease
☑️ AS 57> s OPERATORS , shows ANS note, consultation fee, website, ANS No. and their guides, see the best and worst of the agreements
☑️SUS x CID x CBO, SUS sequential
☑️Compatibility OPME Sigtap SUS (code, value, description and quantity)
☑️Medicines and OPME (TUSS / ANVISA)
☑️ Rol da ANS current 20
☑️Unimed Tables - Compare the valuation between them (BH, Goiânia, Londrina, SC, Central)
☑️CBO, CIAP, Size x Year table and value for reimbursement or co-participation!

EACH table TUSS, CBHPM or SUS see PORT, DESCRIPTION, P. ANESTHETICS, No. AUX, UCO, m2 film, CODE and remuneration.

- FAST CBHPM , with 6s or 3 clicks, find any code or procedure, in 34 specialties and subspecialties.

MEDcodigos had 38 versions with 83 reviews:
🔷Rosi Miranda - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
"Congratulations on the application 👏🏽 Continue with updates"
🔷Breno Martins -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
"Simply fantastic, in our Hospital we made implantations .. and this app streamlined the process by 98%, a wonderful tool, it was very worth it .. thanks to the developers."
🔷Joviniano Neto -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
"I'm not one to write comments, but this app is really a great help tool ... Thanks for thinking and making this amazing tool ..."

Save your time!
Approved “FACT-CHECKING” , it provides original PDF of everything q shows!

🎗 Entirely made by UFMG doctors

⛔️ HAS NO advertising, propaganda.
☑️ Updates without charge, single payment
☑️Works OFFLINE for the first 2-3 accesses you may experience SLOW (downloading tables), but it will soon be fluid!

Prologue - Genesis MEDcodigos
It was imperative to expose the humiliating contempt of our governments in the face of real, cruel, unequal, and often non-existent, medical care in the SUS.
Aggregating all health tables in a single ‘interface’, naturally allows us to demonstrate the "Major" cause of this segregating situation.
The true and primary purpose is to raise awareness, inform and resonate, in each user and health professional, the nefarious, inhuman and unbelievable SUS remuneration and some agreements.
Exposing its innumerable paradoxes and this clear devaluation of life itself, may, perhaps, awaken in the holders of the power and capacity to change this reality, a forgotten spark, that of "caring" and perhaps thus, valuing this incredible, unique and only existence


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