Description: MediBuddy Sigma - For HRs and Policy Agents APK
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UpdatedAug 23, 2019 (7 months ago)
Release dateApr 23, 2019 (11 months ago)
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DeveloperMedi Assist Healthcare Services
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Health Buddy to assist your corporate team and clients

MediBuddy: Your Trusted Digital Platform for Cashless Healthcare

Health benefits  for your employees and agents are now made conveniently accessible with an easy-to-use app with inpatient, outpatient, wellness and fitness, all coming together on one platform. Pocket it and enjoy seamless access to Health Benefits and Wellness!
View and Download E-card
Access, view, and download Medi Assist e-Card for your employees and policy holders to handle hospitalization or any of dependents’ medical needs in a cashless format. The MediBuddy App allows to carry the details of all beneficiaries on your smartphone.
Cashless Healthcare
The MediBuddy app aggregates our services under one brand. From everyday medicines to occasional preventive care packages to once-in-a-lifetime inpatient events; from order confirmations to claim status information; from medical benefits to domiciliary cover; you will find everything you need.
Locate Network Hospitals
No more scouring cities and neighborhoods to know if medical treatment can be availed at a particular hospital. With MediBuddy, you can find the right network hospitals as per your preferences. What’s more, you can filter results by location and specialties available.
Track Claims in Real-Time
Use MediBuddy Sigma and click the ‘Claims’ tile. Enter details of your employees or policy holder to track claim in real-time.
Get eCashless for Provisional Preauthorization
Use your MediBuddy mobile app to plan a cashless hospitalization from the comfort of your home and also get full visibility into the cost of treatment. Tap on the eCashless tile on MediBuddy and request preauthorization at least 48 hours prior to hospitalization.